I have picked up a number of books based on glowing recommendations on here, and been disappointed most of the time. The enthusiasm for a good premise seems to often outweigh the quality of writing, which is fine, sci-fi site is excited about sci-fi books. That said, after reading the chapter excerpted here I… » 2/26/14 9:14pm 2/26/14 9:14pm

Professor Wants Schools to Teach Sexy Students to Love More, Bone Less

According to a study last year by the National Marriage Project and others, the average age at which we get married is now at an all-time high. The study, "Knot Yet", whose titular pun is how you know it's good, says women are waiting until 27, and men 29, before promising to fart next to each other on the couch for… » 2/09/14 5:05pm 2/09/14 5:05pm

Infamous Prankster Thong-Bombs New York Fashion Week Runway Show

The hottest new looks from New York Fashion Week this season are felt crowns, thongs, trench coats, and a shit-eating grins, as seen when a streaker sprinted across the stage at Prabal Gurung's runway show on Saturday. » 2/09/14 3:30pm 2/09/14 3:30pm

Shia LaBeouf's Still Got It, Storms Out of Press Conference

Churlish performance art major and bar-fighting Shakespearean Antonio Shia LaBeouf has once again dazzled the world with his ability to feel things more deeply than the rest of us. During a press conference for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac, (inexplicably still not out in theaters yet), a film in which he was forced to … » 2/09/14 1:15pm 2/09/14 1:15pm

Same-Sex Couples Are People, Justice Department Announces

Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to announce on Monday that he will instruct the Justice Department to extend full and equal protection to same-sex marriages in all of the programs it oversees. Among the considerations granted in the policy memo are that same-sex couples cannot be compelled to testify against… » 2/08/14 4:10pm 2/08/14 4:10pm

Death Penalty Sought In Brutal Murder of British Teacher In Qatar

Back in October, Lauren Patterson, a 24-year-old British teacher working in Doha, Qatar was reported missing. Despite being badly burned, a body found soon thereafter in the desert was identified as Patterson through DNA testing. Two Qatari men, who have not been named, are standing trial for the murder after having… » 2/08/14 1:10pm 2/08/14 1:10pm

Same-Sex Couple Denied Communion by Priest at Mother's Own Funeral

For anyone who thought that the liberalizing perspective of Pope Francis had settled the matter of acceptance of same-sex couples in the Catholic Church, a story from Missouri this week serves as a disappointing rejoinder. Carol Parker and her partner Josephine Martin, both longstanding members of the Saint Columban… » 2/08/14 11:15am 2/08/14 11:15am

Trapped U.S. Bobsledder Smashes His Way Out of Locked Sochi Bathroom

Here's one bathroom in the Olympic village in Sochi that we can be fairly certain was not being spied on by the Russian government. U.S. men's bobsledder Johnny Quinn tweeted out the picture of the aftermath of his run in with the bathroom door early this morning. » 2/08/14 9:21am 2/08/14 9:21am