Is Brandon Spikes Calling Tom 'Pharaoh' Brady a Slave Owner?

Leading up to this weekend's game between the two teams, former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes, now with the Bills, had effusive praise for Tom Brady, as you might expect. »10/09/14 3:59pm10/09/14 3:59pm


No, Industrial Band Skinny Puppy Did Not 'Invoice' the U.S. Government for Providing Torture Soundtrack

The use of music as a form of psychological torture has long been a staple of the United States government and your sketchy club-hopping upstairs neighbors. The media took note of this a few years back, when lists of the songs used by the military in prisons throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay were… »2/01/14 1:30pm2/01/14 1:30pm