Leading up to this weekend's game between the two teams, former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes, now with the Bills, had effusive praise for Tom Brady, as you might expect.

"Brady always has a chip on his shoulder. Me, I refer to him as 'Pharaoh,' because he's amazing," Spikes said. "I always respect him, because he comes out every year with that edge. That's what the great ones do."

Paying homage to a former teammate is nothing out of the ordinary here, and Brady returned the compliments, but the news of the Pharaoh nickname has been met with a amusement, and a little bit of confusion.

Where did the Pharaoh thing come from?

"You got to ask Brandon about that," Brady said, when asked about the name. "I don't know. You ask Brandon what he says."


Pharaoh was, of course, the term for the kings, believed to be descended from the sun god Ra, in ancient Egypt, (not a dynasty if they haven't won in that long). It's completely probably that Spikes simply meant it as a reference to Brady's god-like stature and power. Then again, Spikes, who never exactly seemed to take to the authoritarian style of rule around the Patriots employed by Anubis in a hoodie, could have also meant it as a subtle jab.

You may remember when Spikes was leaving town that he sent out a series of tweets that were a little less conciliatory.


"4 years a slave" he wrote back in April last year, amidst a series of tweets about blocking Massholes, and his plans for serving the Patriots a couple of losses in the upcoming season. Spikes was almost certainly making an analogy between his forced labor on a professional football team and the film 12 Years a Slave.

You know who else were famous for using slaves right?